Thursday, July 7, 2016

Keep Moving Forward

Yesterday was a big deal in our was his last day of speech!

It all started about a month ago while we were sitting in the waiting room. He looked around and said, "Mom, no more speech for me." I asked why and absolutely loved the response. He told me he was to old to go to speech. With that, I looked around and saw what he saw. He was the oldest one in the waiting room. His request made sense to me.

Later that night I spoke with my hubby and we decided to respect his request. He has been getting private speech since he was 3 years, 1 month old.....he is 12 1/2 now. I say that is a good run! We told him to keep going until the end of summer but when we spoke with his speech therapist, she told us she just put in her notice and was moving, our decision was to end speech when she left. 

The tradition at Good Shepherd is when your child is discharged they may put their handprint on the wall. He made the color with Miss Elaina and then they came out to get me. Believe me, this was emotional. I scanned the wall and was reminded of some of the children who we knew that had graduated speech/OT. I have met so many families over the years sitting in that waiting room! My daughter was only 1 when he started so she has had many mini playdates while we would wait. 

The color was painted onto his hand and placed on the wall. As he reached up I had a flashback to this little guy who was barely 3, non-verbal, elopment issues and had behavioral problems like crazy and here he was, reaching as high as he could to leave his lasting mark on Good Shepherd. 

After his handprint was on the wall, Miss Elaina asked what they should do next and he said, "take a picture." Here they are posing. 

I'm not going to felt great walking out of there. Week after week, month after month, year after year of going to outpatient speech has paid off. My advice for new parents? Be consistent with traditional therapies. Do your best with not taking months or years off. Don't get me wrong, try new things but in addition to traditional therapies. Keep moving forward with fond memories of the past.

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