Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our 'Toy Story 3' Moment

My boy.  My son.  So empathetic and generous.  As a parent you try and do the right thing.  Show them how to help people and give when you can. Give time, give items, give food, give funds.

His 3rd birthday party.  All dinosaurs.
A couple of months ago, he pulled out his dinosaur collection.  This has been an ongoing collection since he was 3.  There were all different sizes and colors.  Man-eating and veggie eating 'dinobours'. That was how he used to say dinosaurs.....'dinoboars'.  I can still hear his little voice screaming DINOBAURS....ROAR!!!! Anyway, he took them up in his room and played with them again for a few days then packed them up, brought them to me and said he wanted to give them away.  "All done dinosaurs. I'm too big now." My heart actually started aching.

They were always with him.
I asked if he was really ready to give them away and never see them again.  He told me, yes.  I tucked the bin away in a closet for a while in case he would change his mind...he didn't.  He even went searching around the house for them and eventually found them.

"Mom.  I'm too big for dinosaurs.  Let's give them to ARCH."

ARCH of Lehigh Valley is our home away from home.  This organization has helped our family and him so much there are no words to express our gratitude.  Over the past 7 years, we have donated all the toys and sensory items he no longer wants.  It only seemed appropriate for them to get his precious dinosaur collection.

One last time then into
 the bin they went.
He played with them one last time today.  Then packed them up, put them in the trunk and off we went.  He ran into ARCH of Lehigh Valley for his after school program and didn't even look back....but I did.  Reminded me of the last scene of Toy Story 3 when Andy drives away and the toys watch him leave. I always cry during that part.

What a sap I am!!!  Pathetic.  There were so many memories, good and bad, attached to those dinosaurs.  Silly, right? When he first started collecting them he was in a bad place.  A really bad place.  There wasn't even an official diagnosis of Autism yet. There was no sleep, no talking, diapers, tantrums, meltdowns, screaming, throwing, climbing, eloping, oh, it wasn't a good time at all.  Fast forward to this day, he is vocal, sleeps the majority of the time, tantrums are few and far between, meltdowns are non-existent, no more screaming.  The progress has been incredible.  If you would've told me, when he was 3 he was going to be like he is now at 12, I wouldn't have believed you at all.

Anyway, back to the point.  He has matured over the past 9 years and is moving on. What will the next 9 years hold?  Only the future will tell.  But, there won't be any more 'dinobaur's in our house, just memories and an occasional roar!

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