Friday, January 22, 2016

Somewhere on the Spectrum. Written by Theresa McGrory

Somewhere on the Spectrum

Hello my name is Theresa & I have a son named Tristen whose 9. Tristen was diagnosed at 2 ½ years old with severe autism. He was non-verbal from 15 months till 4 ½ years old. I’m a huge advocate for my son but it was my husband Jesse who started everything for our son. Jesse’s mom was concerned & mentioned several times that Tristen should be evaluated, and for a period of time we were in denial. We never heard of autism before, no one in our family had autism.  

Jesse started noticing Tristen was acting different & stopped doing things he always did. So we seriously sat down & he showed me some videos on YouTube. And we both started crying a lot & that’s when I became an advocate. We are so thankful for YouTube & the internet because without it we wouldn’t know anything about autism & wouldn’t of known how to get a diagnosis. 

After getting an eval from early intervention Tristen started getting in home services until he turned 3 & on August of 09 he finally got an official diagnosis at an amazing place called ARCH. Then he went into the IU preschool for 2 years & he also started wraparound services as well. The first few years were the hardest on us because Tristen would chew everything (food or non food items) & put everything in his mouth.  When he got his first chewy (toys made for sensory kids) it was the best thing ever. Tristen was fascinated with mirrors, fans, numbers & letters. We stayed away from family & friends for a few years because it was just too hard on our family to be out. 

We had tss & bsc for 4 years & I had a mt for 3 years. They were the most amazing & loving people ever. I am so thankful for all the wonderful therapists who came & helped my son. When my son turned 7 in Nov. 2013 he mastered all of his goals for the in home services & we ended them. My son also had outpatient services from when he was 3-7years old. Our first therapy was food therapy then Speech, OT, & PT. He has always received OT & Speech in school as wellTristen started reading when he was non verbal so books have always been his favorite thing. At 4 years old we got his first laptop & he has learned so much from technology.

I was so nervous about kindergarten for Tristen but because of all the hard work & support we received Tristen was able to be in a mainstreamed class with a 1 on 1. We now do a lot as a family & he enjoys special Olympics swim class & miracle league baseball. He still goes to ARCH for after school program & was able to join the summer camp this year which he enjoyed. 

Tristen has always blown us away with all of his progress, & I am so thankful for all the love & support from my family & friends.

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