Thursday, September 3, 2015

Declared a 'No Fun' Summer

He declared this past summer a 'no fun' summer right at the end of the last school year and he stuck to it.  This summer was so much different than any other summer....ever. 

It all started in May.  We did the same as we did every end of school year and that is to make our giant poster board sized summer calendars.  In the past, if there wasn't anything in the blocks, we had to fill it.  He needed to constantly be on the go with no exceptions.  Then, on a separate piece of paper, we would right down all the other places and people we wanted to visit like the beach, favorite restaurants and stores.  All of this needed to be displayed so he could constantly keep an eye on it and what was in store for us that particular day.  Everything was ready but he had other plans.

 As soon as school was over he decided this was going to be our no fun summer.  He didn't want to go anywhere.  No vacations, no restaurants, no stores, no picnics, no parties, no public pool, not even going outside.  Well, at least he would maybe go outside at night when the sun went down.  He may be part vampire...not sure. 

We missed graduations, birthday parties, family and friend picnics. All I can say about that is thank you to everyone we had to decline.  Thank you for inviting us and thank you for respecting our decision not to attend.  It has been a difficult summer for our family in that aspect. 

As a family, we are treating this as a phase.  He used to love being on the go, seeing new things, exploring new spaces.  We tend to follow his lead.  He knows we are always there for him when he needs us so we took a back seat until he works this out.  Finding words to tell us what is going on is very difficult for him.  My theory is he works so hard all school year that this summer he just needed a total mental break before he starts middle school and I can respect that.

Now don't get me wrong, we did sneak some fun into our summer but it all revolved about what he wanted to do and when he wanted to do it.  He loves the movies so we saw each kid friendly movie this year and with that, we ended up going to Red Robin before the movies.  That was fun.  We also had a few sleepovers at our home with other kiddos and that was fun.  We rescued a puppy and for the most part, that was fun.  AND of course he discovered Minecraft and that was SO MUCH FUN for him especially when all the kids were playing on the same world.

The night before school started he apologized for this summer and promised next year we could at least go to the beach but it had to be cold with no sun and not crowded.  Sounds like fun to me. 

Not allowed this year.  Maybe in 2016.