Friday, January 16, 2015

Homework. Math. Ugh.

Homework.  Who likes homework?  Yes?  Then you are the minority.  Lol.  My daughter complains everyday about it.  My son hears it and then stresses over it because she stresses over it.  He is autistic and works really hard on his academics when he is in school. When he gets home, that's a different story.

Back in 2013 I wrote about how he voluntarily, wanted to do his homework and wanted absolutely no help.  It was a fantastic experience because I heard him actually read for the first time.  "In His Own Time"  ((Bragging here but that very blog was also included in a book called This Extraordinary Life by Rachel S. Quatkemeyer along with many other bloggers.  Click on the link to purchase.))

Back to his homework.

Homework has been getting more difficult.  Some nights are better than others.  Last night when I opened his folder and pulled out his homework, my heart sank.  Math.  We're talking addition, subtraction, money and multiplication all on one worksheet.  He gets stressed over a sheet of just addition and now there were all these other problems. 

He is remarkable because he remembers when has homework.  I never remind him.  I let him choose when he wants to do it.  Either immediately after school, right before bed or in the morning.  He chose in the morning.  Ugh. 

What goes through my head is 'there goes his school day if he gets frustrated', right?  So, as patiently as I could, I waited for him to say, "Time to do my homework."

Oh boy, here we go.  Pencil ready.  He saw the worksheet and immediately became stressed.  Pulled on his hair.  His face became red.  The whining started.

Quickly, I grabbed a blank sheet of paper, covered up the worksheet and was careful to only show one line at a time.  This calmed him down somewhat.  When he was done with a line, I would move the blank sheet down.  He eventually got through the entire sheet and was so relieved when it was all was I.

He did it.  He got through it.  So proud of him. 

Addition, Subtraction, Money, Multiplication

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