Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Most Perfect Sound in the World

He is off to the left in front of the
There he stood.  On the stage with a giant spotlight on him.  He stood with pride in front of his entire 5th grade class overlooking a packed auditorium.  The music started.  Waiting patiently for his cue to sing.  Then it was time.  It was his turn to shine.  A voice so beautiful filled the room.  His falsetto was breathtaking and his pitch was perfect.  I couldn't help my quivering chin.  My eyes filled with tears without warning.  Proud doesn't even begin to describe this moment in time. 

His music teacher told us he could sing.  He wouldn't sing for us. 

His autistic support teacher told us he had a beautiful voice.  He wouldn't practice for us. 

We put our faith in their hands that he could do it.  They said he could.  He did. 

He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4 but we knew earlier.  He was non verbal for many years then slowly words came.  Scripting was and still is huge.  Verbal stims are everyday.  It is what we are used to and it makes him feel good.  We don't stop them.  We usually hear singing through his scripting and even then it is sprinkled with funny voices and stims thrown in.  But on this glorious night we heard an angelic voice fill the auditorium and it was the most perfect sound in the world. 

Singing his solo in front of a packed auditorium.