Thursday, October 2, 2014

Friendship and Drums

UPS came to my house yesterday and delivered a surprise package for my son.  A snare drum.  A very loud, very awesome snare drum. 

Last week I  told you about his music teacher who did his own research about autism and decided on an out of the box way to teach my son.  This technique was going to be used for a while until the teacher thought he could handle learning how to read sheet music.  Being a black and white thinker, my son decided he couldn't practice unless he had his very own snare drum.  Tricky little guy. 

I received a call from my dear friend and her hubby who live out of town and they wanted to give my son a drum.  Do you have a friend who you've known your entire life that even when you don't talk often it's like you pick up where you've left off without any hesitation?  That type of friend. 

So excited to see what was inside!

Her hubby was a drummer for many, many years and wanted to pass on one of his.  Floored at the generosity, I accepted but didn't tell my son. 

As we were waiting for the drum, he had another lesson.  This week his teacher decided to introduce him to actual sheet music because he nailed the previous weeks lesson work. Without practicing.  Yes, I'm bragging. 

Back to the drum.  He opened the box and was so excited!  My drum!  I have a drum!!  Thank you! Thank you!  He ran up the steps and brought down his sheet music and sticks and started drumming.  Drummed all night long. 

Drumming away.

Dear friend and hubby, thank you so much for the snare drum and thank you very much for the earplugs.  They help.  How come I didn't realize how LOUD drums were?  LOL.

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