Thursday, October 16, 2014

Art Room Paintings

We moved into our new home over 2 years ago and we had an extra room, an extra bedroom that is.  We don't get overnight guests so with some thought, my daughter and I decided on an arts and crafts room.  I wanted to scrapbook and she wanted to everything else Michael's and AC Moore had to offer.  Lol.  BUT I wanted this space to be for everyone so a bit more planning went into it. 

With my son's permission, all of his LEGO's and K'nects were organized and placed into a part of the room, then daughter decided she wanted LEGO's also so she has a section for hers as well.  I changed the closet into all craft storage filled with tons of labeled photo boxes and made a table.  Yes, I made a big art table made out of a door.  It gives us lots of space and overall it is working for us.  All my scrapbooking things are there but still untouched.  I'll get to it. 

While watching a TV show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, (I watch it because of the drama....don't judge me) one of the women had shown a painting mural in her home.  It was a bunch of small canvas paintings her family and friends had painted over time and I really loved how it looked.  So I thought we could give it a try. Packed up the kids and off to Michael's we went for supplies. 

Side note.  Now, one of my favorite facebook pages is Autism Art Project.  That page is filled with beautiful artwork from the creator, Beth and sprinkled with artwork from her son.  She also shares her adventures into their world of autism.  It's one of the pages I do read often.  If you haven't checked them out, you won't be sorry.  She is an amazing artist.  

My family decided that once a season we would all gather in the art room and paint together.  The first time my son didn't really like it.  He took black paint and angrily painted 2 eyes and a mouth then yelled and stormed out.  We all remained calm and kept painting.  Eventually he came back into the room and asked to paint another picture, this time of a red flower.  He got another canvas and it came out beautifully!!! 

So, I am presenting our little family project representing spring, summer and fall of 2014. I'm hoping to eventually cover the entire wall with our work. 

Spring, Summer and Fall of 2014

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