Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sunday Sickies Suck

Yesterday was Labor Day and I get that it was Monday but the Sunday Sickies appeared anyway.  What are the Sunday Sickies?  It's when my boy gets so filled with anxiety about the new school week that he starts pleading and begging not to go back to school.  I feel horrible seeing him that way but homeschooling for us isn't an option plus once he is back, he loves his school, kids and teachers in his autistic support class and the typical classroom. 

Last night was a bit different.  Last night he threatened to run away.  Went all out and even wrote a note.  I didn't get to read the whole thing but it started off like 'Deer Famile' then he hid it from me.  Fortunately for us, he told us where he would run away to and luckily it wasn't far; right across the street exactly.  I spoke to my neighbor to give her a heads up in case he did come over to her house one day.  When he was a little guy he did wander off.  One of the scariest day in my life. 

Back to "I'm outa here." 

I gently explained that the neighbor didn't know where his swim lessons are so I'd better go ahead and cancel swim with Miss Allison.  With that, he ripped up the note, immediately calmed down and went to play with Ruby the Rescue Therapy cat.  Boy, I love that cat. 

We got through last night but what about the future? Not sure.  He hasn't been on any type of anxiety meds yet.  We are big into teaching him his own coping methods and to work through things.  I'm also looking into all natural calming methods.  Essential Oils are on the way! If they don't help then maybe anti anxiety meds may be the next step. 

In the mean time we have Ruby the Rescue Therapy Cat to help. He loves her and she puts up with him.  Lol. She needs a cape right?     

Ruby the Rescue Therapy Cat helping to ease my son's anxiety.

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