Monday, June 16, 2014

Shopping for Gifts

At the end of each school year I like to give a gift to all the wonderful people who have worked with my son throughout the year.  Most of us do, I think.  For my daughter, it was easy.  She is NT and has one teacher.  One teacher = one gift.  My son, on the other hand, has a teacher plus a bunch of aides and professionals.  He is autistic and is in an autistic classroom.  Every year I try to figure out the perfect gift to give these professionals to express my gratitude, all unnecessary, but I still do. 

As usual, I turned to the Grape Jelly on Pizza Facebook page to see what others are giving and many of you had awesome ideas!!  We all had one thing in common, many people work with our children and we didn't want to spend too much money. 

Not sure what to do, I went to the source and asked my son.  We went down the list of adults who work with him and he knew right away what two of them definitely had to have.  So, I decided to take it to another level and with a budget in mind, we went to my son's favorite store of all time....Walmart. 

With the list in hand, he took his time and picked out the gift he wanted to give each individual.  This year, there were only 6 at the school.  We were lucky.  I saw it in his eyes that he really thought about what each person should receive.  Some I was like, "Are you sure?"  When he absolutely was we bought it.

When we got home, he wrote out thank you notes.  When I say that, I mean the front of the card said Thank you so he wrote his name on the inside the wrote the person's name on the envelope.  We dug out all the gift bags we had received over the years and he went thought each one to put each gift in.  Someone received a Valentine's Day bag but I let it go. 

It was fun to see his take this from beginning to end.  As a mom, I find it hard to let go and not to take over but I think he handled it perfect.  I'm sure the receivers will think so also. 

Six gift bags all ready to be dropped off at school.  He did
a great job picking each one out.  Very proud of my boy.

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