Monday, April 14, 2014

Wandering....Take Two

Earlier this month I shared his very first wandering event when he was 3.  Took my breath away but he was brought back to us safe and sound.  The following story happened when he was 4 and this was the last time he tried to take off. 

Spring cleaning time at my house.  I couldn't wait to open up the windows and air out the place but the windows were horrid so that was my first job of the day.  Little did I know the day would end with a locksmith at my house and hundreds of dollars spent on security; our security knowing he wouldn't get out. 

I was in our side room and my son was playing.  His kind of playing at age 4 was mostly banging, throwing and verbal stimming.  Hyper vigilant.  That was me.  I always made sure I heard him and could always see him.  I took my Windex and paper towels and went into the side room to clean some windows.  As I was about half way through I realized I didn't hear banging or stimming so I called out.  He didn't answer so I walked into the living room only to see a side door to the alleyway wide opened.  My heart sank.  Not again!  It had been less than a year ago when he slipped out the front door and took off down that very same alley.  I ran outside and ran to the front of the house only to see a glimpse of his bare feet running as fast as he could to the local college.  He was fast approaching a busy road.  I never ran so fast.  Caught up to him, picked him up and carried him back into the house, locked the doors and told him not to ever do that again.  He started to play in the living room again so I went back into the side room to finish up my windows. 

Wouldn't you know it, that little stinker did the same exact thing.  This time I was listening out for the door but didn't hear it.  I picked up my Windex bottle and saw him outside running past the window I was about to clean.  Same thing happened and I brought him back into the house.  At this point my heart was racing because he learned how to unlock and get out that particular door.  Seriously, how was I going to ever keep this kid inside this house! 

I called my husband at work and we decided to immediately call a locksmith to get some key locking deadbolts.  The locksmith was at the house within the next 2 hours.  All that time, I didn't even use the bathroom because I had a feeling this kid was going to take off again.  Its like tunnel vision and that was all he wanted to do now.

When the locksmith came, I told him of our dilemma but he refused to put key lock deadbolts on all the doors for safety reasons.  After I calmed down I realized he had a valid point.  Safety.  What if there were a fire.  OK, then what?  He thought about it and came up with this lock.  He called it the hotel lock.  They were installed on all the first floor doors.  *For some reason, that particular house had 4 first floor doors.*  Considering he was only 4 he couldn't reach them so we had them installed and it kept him safe, this was until he figured out if he took a hanger or long toy he could swing it open but that wasn't until a few years later. 

So in my experience, even though you are with them, they can still take off right under your nose.  Do what you can to keep them safe before something happens.  Door chimes and locks will help at least deter them for a while.  What do you use for your doors?

This worked for years until he figured out how to swing
it opened with a hanger or long toy. 


  1. we have these: on their bedroom doors so they can't get out at night. on the bathroom door so I can lock them out if they're going in there to stim and not for the bathroom's intended purpose. on their closet doors so their clothing isn't all over the floor by morning. Our front door has an inner door too so we also put one on the inner door---- my daughter yanked hard enough that the door frame broke so the lock is SORT of useless except it still makes noise. So if I'm in the kitchen and I hear this lock being yanked, I can come quickly. :) My twins are 7 and have autism but one twin really never elopes--- the other one is getting better lately, thankfully.

  2. Wow i know how you feel, these things can happen so quickly. Our son also managed to open the door and ran out on to the open road. Thankfully our neighbour was coming home and saw what was happening and quickly came to the rescue. She really saved the day. My wife and I now have safety locks everywhere. Thanks.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock