Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Siblings.  My two are close in age and some days it seems like they continually argue and pick on each other.  Many years ago I had my son enrolled in karate to see how he would like it.  Long story short, after about 5 months, I pulled him out because I was the one getting the workout.  Getting him into the car and eventually into the dojo would make me break out into a sweat, not to mention I had his little sister with me and her bag of things to do.  All this work for 1/2 of him not listening, making faces in the mirrors and yelling and screaming.  So he didn't go anymore. 

A little over 3 years ago my daughter decided she wanted to give karate a try and being familiar with this dojo and the sensis, I enrolled her.  It ended up she really enjoys it and has started her black belt testing which is a series of 5 days of tests.  Very intense.  Here's the thing, he loves to watch her and encourage her but hates to be in the waiting room.  I can't tell you how many hours she has waited for him in waiting rooms, most of the time without complaining and he can't stand waiting for her.  Not one bit. 

A picture he took of his feet in the
Karate waiting room.
In the beginning, he refused to even go into the building;  it was an awful waiting room experience.  We even had his BSC meet us there to work on his coping skills.  We should show up with a backpack filled with stuffed animals or let him play on my phone or bounce a ball or whatever his preferred was.  We had lots of sensory toys also and pressure activities.  Sometimes I would even park in the front and have him wait in the car for her but that used to make me incredibly nervous.  I believe it was the actual waiting room with yellow walls and florescent lighting that would drive him crazy, not to mention all the parents and siblings also waiting.  Sensory overload at its finest. 

He watches her through the glass and
 tells her, "Great Job!"
After all these years and all the belts she has gained, he has never attended a graduation until the end.  We usually took 2 cars and hubby would leave with him after he had too much, which was usually after 15 minutes but 3 months ago....he insisted going into the dojo packed with people and stay for the entire graduation!  This was big, I mean HUGE!  After she earned that 3rd degree brown belt we started talking about May, she would be testing for her black belt.  He repeats, "Black belt in May?" many times a day.  He also checks the calendar to make sure May is coming.  This makes my heart so happy that he working on his coping skills so he can be a part of this, encourages her daily and is genuinely excited about her accomplishing her goal.

 I can almost guarantee he will be in the dojo cheering her on.  She is his biggest fan and vice versa. 

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