Friday, April 4, 2014

It Started Off Good

This past weekend was like any other weekend, busy.  We usually keep busy because my son loves to be on the go, go, go.  There was a Special Needs Expo and the kids really wanted to well, go!  They do love them.  It is sorta like Trick or Treat.  Mom gets to visit with vendors, maybe learn something new and they come home with bags of pens, paper, candy and toys.  And that is where it gets ugly.

Toys.  This is a vendor fair so the 'toys' are maybe 5 cents each but are treasured keepsakes to my son.  The tables where you get to spin for a prize is highly preferred.  We runs to this table and spins for a prize.  It lands on clapper.  You know what these are right?  I believe they fall into the musical instruments category but are mind numbing to others because of the loud clapping.  My son loves them but the only color they had out was pink.  He hesitated and the woman told him she will look in the bag for other colors.  She whips out silver, blue and gold.  GOLD!!!  He wanted the gold one.  He found his prize possession of the day.  He slips it into his bag as to protect it and not let anyone near it.  We go home.

At home the kids empty out their bags on the dining room table to ooh and aah and to of course, devour any candy they have collected.  He then starts clapping his clapper then the unthinkable snaps.  "Oh no" he says.  "Oh boy" I say. 

"Fix it Mommy.  Fix it."  Let me see it.
"Fix it!!"  His anxiety is starting and elevating rapidly.
I don't think I can honey.  It snapped.
"Fix it!!  We need the toy Doctor....NOW!"

Then it happened, he went into full meltdown mode.  Two hours of crying, sobbing, yelling, and slamming.  All over a less than 5 cent gold toy.  The day ruined.  All over this freakin' toy. 

When he goes into meltdown mode, we make sure he is safe but then stay away.  He has the tools to calm himself down and will use them.  He got quiet, came downstairs and started with me again about taking it to the toy doctor.  I told him it was broke and saw the anxiety starting all over again.  I don't like to every lie to him but since it was Saturday, I told him that I would take the toy to the doctor on Monday while he was at school.  This bought me some time so when he gets the news that the toy can't be fixed, hopefully he won't be so quickly to rise. 

His prized possession, the gold clapper.

Sunday morning he came downstairs, found me and told me he was sorry.  I asked for what and he said he was sorry for crying and yelling.  I told him it was alright and that I understood.  Then he gave me a hug.  He has come so far managing his meltdowns.  It made me so proud of him. 

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