Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Help Wanted.... You Are Worth It.

Where to start!  First, I love food.  Cheese, Ranch dressing, pizza, chicken pot pie, lasagna, turkey with mash potatoes and a river of gravy, BBQ ribs, oh my goodness my mouth is watering.  There is always a baked good around.  How wonderful it is to have some chocolate cookies to go with my coffee, or a slice of carrot cake with creamy icing or key lime pie.  Good gracious.  So when I had a Doctors appointment after completing blood work it was a complete shock when he read the results. 

**Note.  This is written after I had a conversation with my Mom.  The last time I wrote about my health, she was a tad upset with me that she read there was a problem, so this time she got a call and we talked about it first.  Never cross your Mom.**

My son, who is autistic will eat anything.  My daughter, who is NT is a problem feeder and has an extremely limited diet.  At least 2 meals are prepared every night.  My hubby's health insurance through work was giving us credit if we both got our cholesterol levels checked so he did it asap.  I, on the other hand, dragged my feet.  I have a problem with needles so it fell to the bottom of my list real quick. 

Starting end of November 2013, we began hearing about so many people who were fighting cancer or passing due to sudden deaths.  It was a bit crazy because it was becoming so frequent, like at least 1 person a week.  It started to really freak me out.  I got my butt to the Doctors office but I didn't want to just get cholesterol checked, if I were to have blood drawn, then I wanted a bunch of tests completed.  So my Doctor did just that because it had been 8 years ago when I had blood drawn.  Bad on my part, I realize that now.

This is what I saw every Sunday night.
Back to the results.  My cholesterol was high along with elevated sugar and protein.  He wanted to put me on meds to help reduce the bad cholesterol numbers.  No!  Not pills!!  I witnessed my grandmother's health decline over time.  Mom and I talked about how on Sunday nights she would get out all her prescriptions and count them out for the week.  You know, the day of the week pill box?  There were so many.  In my memory, it all starts with one little pill and the next thing you know you are onto like 20.  I asked for more time before I started with a pill.  Time to work on getting my counts down the natural way.  So he gave me 3 months to work on it.  Then I asked him for his advice.

Little known fact about myself, if something scares me, I will go extreme and do my best.  As of over a week ago, I no longer am eating anything dairy or meats of any kind....well, fish at least 2x a week.  Went to the book store and bought books. Changed my diet that day.  In fact on the way home from the Doctors office I stopped at the grocery store and only bought fruits and veggies and Almond milk.  I immediately started eating differently.  Sorta hoping that my new eating habits will spill over onto my daughter with her limited diet.  We all need to eat better. 

What a shock to my system!  It's a whole new way of eating and I'm not starving.  I have lost 4 pounds to date and I am sleeping better through the night...go figure.  I am not craving chocolate or junk food. 

Why am I telling you this?  Two reasons.  First, I need help.  When I need help with my autistic kiddo I ask everyone on the GJOP page for advice.  What books do you read, what pages do you check out, where do you find awesome recipes?  Second, this was a wake up call for me.  As parents we need to stay healthy for our children.  When was the last time you had blood work done?  A physical?  I know now I will be going every year for a complete physical.  I owe it to myself and I owe it to my children to be as healthy as I can be.  Will you join me?

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