Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thank you for the past 4 years.

It was 4 years ago today when the page Grape Jelly on Pizza was created....and I had no idea what I was doing!  Haha.

Everything is always a work in progress.  Everything.  From the time you wake in the morning until you put your head on your pillow at night you must try to improve upon something. (My logic anyway.)

Being a parent of an autistic boy made me realize this quicker than anything because everyday is a gift and a struggle all at the same time.  So many decisions need to be made.  So much research, frustration, trial and error, but most of all progress and motivation must always be in sight.  Some days are tougher than others especially when you are delirious over lack of sleep and the unending energy levels of our children bouncing off the walls are a constant.  Although, some coffee in the morning and red wine at night seem to help me along.

What I've learned in the past 4 years:

We are stronger when we communicate with other parents and share our stories.

What works for some does not necessarily work for others and we must remember this and respect this.

Parents are the best resources

We are not alone.

I look forward to signing on to the computer every morning to see what you have to say and to see what new things there are to learn.  Throughout the years we have had many readers make key chains, necklaces and pictures for us which make my day!  *some are shown below*  We also had a few Mommas want to write for the blog, do they did.
All amazing moms who wanted to be heard.  And why not?  That is what GJOP is for.  Not to mention a reader, who was writing her own book, included one of my blog entries in her creation, This Extraordinary Life by Rachel S. Quatkemeyer.  Still over the moon about it!!

Thank you for sharing your stories, progress, heartbreak, pictures of your kiddos and asking questions about autism and how it affects your children, your relationships and your lives.  Hope to hear from you soon.  ~Jennifer

Made by Shawna Lane Creations
Made by A Chameleon in the Spectrum
Made by Reader Bethanie
and her family!
Made by Adventures on the Spectrum
Made by Mommy Buddy

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Every day we make them.  Some are easy and some not so much.

Add mayo to the hoagie or oil and vinegar or no hoagie but a salad instead?  Depending in the time of month, that one is easy.

Continue his services as they are now or take away TSS and continue only with a BSC or end both?   He would love that but what about new behaviors and the summer time and going places?

It is so easy to over think decisions to the point where they can cause your stomach to churn and give you a headache.

Being a parent of an autistic child, I find decisions are more difficult for me to make and there are so many more of them!  It seems like his decisions are bigger, more grand with much more at stake.  What if I make the wrong decision for him, would it set him back for months or even years?  He has been receiving services for many years now and part of me is ready to let some of them go yet the other part is thinking we may need them in the future.  And it's not like you can get them back easy.  It could take months or a year until we get them back or the state can flat out say no to all services.

Managing the page has taught me many things but the main one is others agonize about decisions also.  My advice to them is always go with your gut.  My gut is unclear now.  A mom joked about where is the manual when you have a child?  We should all get a manual that when decisions have to be made, turn to the specific date and read what you are suppose to do.  I didn't get my copy.  Ha ha.

I will take the leap of faith and make a decision soon.  When he is older, I would love for him to be able to let me know what he wants but for now, I have to be the adult and decide for him.  Only hope I make a good choice.

Yep.  Another decision that makes me want to scream!!