Thursday, January 9, 2014

Turn Taking Games Are A Challenge

Autism.  Therapy.  They go hand in hand.  Usually as soon as you get the diagnosis you seek therapy.  Whether it is speech, OT, physical, social, DIR, ABA, BSC and TSS services or countless others.  One of them or all of them you go for it and submerge your ASD kiddo into therapies.  It seems like our children 'work' all the time right?  At least it is like that in my home.  We combine therapies and playtime so it may seem like playing to others but it takes work to play.  You get that, right.

After years of trying to get him to take turns to play a game, like SCRABBLE, it happened voluntarily last didn't need to set the timer to get him to sit for 1 minute, didn't have to give him a reward for taking 1 turn and another reward for taking another turn.

I picked up this game called Bugs in the Kitchen.  We have so many games that we tried but none of them kept his attention with the exception of the Pizza game, introduced to us by his former TSS turned BSC but even with that the directions were tweaked a bit.  In other words, our game collection was huge but no games were preferred.

Anyway, this game grabbed his attention and kept him at the table for not only 1 game but 2 whole turn taking games!  A simple concept.  A simple design.  An easy direction game.  Plus, bonus, nano HEX bugs.  The game comes with one and I purchased 2 more in different colors so he has a choice.  Roll the dice and either a fork, spoon, knife or ? come up.  Then you turn that utensil to eventually make a path into your trap.  The nano is running the entire time so it is bouncing, turning, making noise (totally sensory) and it made him extremely attentive to the game.

Wanted to share because it is rare to keep his attention let alone play a turn taking game with his sister or anyone for that matter.

Playing Bugs in the Kitchen...genius game! 

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