Monday, November 4, 2013

My Story of Hope by Guest Blogger Brittnee Dupre

There are no words to convey how proud I am of my sweet baby Gavin! And I would like to share my story to give some hope out there to other moms feeling like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

It all started when Gavin was about 18 months. Gavin started showing some strange signs. He never wanted to be cuddled, he didn't show affection, things that he had previously learned (abc's, hello, goodbye, nursery songs) had now vanished, he would throw a tantrum causing harm to himself (banging his head on what ever he could find, kicking screaming), no eye contact, picky eater and parroting. I spoke with specialist immediately, and by a little under two years old our sweet baby boy was diagnosed on the spectrum for autism.

I prepared myself for the worst when going into the meeting, but still couldn't hold back the tears when sitting with his doctors. I blamed myself for a long time, maybe I didn't talk to him enough, or maybe I got pregnant (with my second child, they are two years apart) to soon, or maybe I didn't hold and cuddle enough with him when he was a baby. When I came to terms, right after Gavin's second birthday, we started some in-home therapy and attended a hearing and speech center once a week for social skills. Gavin would pick up some things here and there but wasn't learning as fast as before 18 months nor as fast as his peers.

I can say now looking back two years ago, he is now four and attends a pre-k class in elementary school (with kindergarten based) and is doing amazing! Things we thought he wasn't retaining slip out each day! He is almost talking full sentences, he no longer throws such horrible tantrums, he is learning to follow directions well, he now makes eye contact most of the time, he will eat most of whatever we put in front of him (with a slight fight/ a little convincing), parroting is almost all gone, Gavin now kisses and hugs every single person and I JUST CUDDLED MY BABY TO SLEEP!!!

I hope my story in some way can help those of you having one of "those" days. And we still have them as well, but sometimes we have to take a second and look at how far we have come And I guarantee you that if you do that, you will feel as proud as I do!

Gavin was about 17/18 months when we noticed signs and on the right us Gavin today.

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