Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No Praise Needed

We were running behind in our nightly routine because The Voice was on.  Yes.  I enjoy watching it and some nights we all slack in parenting skills.  Anyway at 9:45 he came downstairs to get me and asked to go to bed.  At that moment the TV was off and we were all headed upstairs.  After the pj's were on and teeth were brushed they climbed into their beds.  He didn't want the light off so I told him I'd be right back.  While getting myself ready, I heard "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish."  With that I tip toed down the hall and stood outside his door.  Noticed he was in bed and reading his book I wanted to jump up and down but didn't make a fuss.

With my son, anytime anyone made a fuss about any progress, he would just stop whatever the fuss was about.  He doesn't like it.  He doesn't like 'yay' or 'woo hoo' or 'that was awesome'.  He never has.

Since he was a baby I have always tried reading to him.  Whenever I would start he would walk away.  If I saw him looking through a book and acknowledged it, he would put it down.  He has every single Dr. Seuss book ever written, thanks to his grandparents but most of them haven't even been opened.

I would hear about parents always reading to their children but he never allowed me to do it so you can imagine last night I was at a crossroads.  Do I continue to stand outside his door and listen to him or should I enter knowing that he, more than likely, would put the book down?  He has been making so much progress lately that I decided to enter and he didn't put the book down.  Instead he said, "sit by me Mommy" and continued to read.  He read until page 17 then asked for a book marker and then the book had to be placed in his closet on a specific shelf.  Is this our new bedtime routine?  I hope so.  I sure do hope so.