Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day Back

Back to school.  Here we go.

Hubby sees it as having a clean house again and enjoying a hot meal.  (He envisions Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray and Pinterest all rolled into one.)

Daughter sees it as filling up her social calendar and walking the runway.

Son sees it as torture.

I see it as high hopes for a new year.  Starting an exercise program.  Cleaning and reorganizing the house and time for me.

Our Reality of Back to School

Hubby scoops a meal out of the crockpot while kids are fighting and clothes and toys and backpacks are being thrown about.

Daughter keeps going over all the kids that aren't in her class this year and how there isn't enough time to eat lunch and how much she hates homework and why can't she have what everyone else is wearing.

Son is a verbal and physical stim mess because of all the new changes due to new kids, teachers, bus driver, and his routine in general.

I realize that a full school day still doesn't allow me any time to myself and the house was way more messier than I thought. 

So tonight I'll dive into that big pile of  'parent homework', tweak schedules and make my lists while pouring a big ole fat glass of wine . 

Ahh......Back to School.

What's your Back to School Reality?
So not happy about Back to School.

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