Monday, April 1, 2013

Why I Write About Autism

Since my son was diagnosed with autism when he was 4, my family has participated each year in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks.  Our team name is Grape Jelly on Pizza.  I decided to take it to social media and created a facebook page primarily to do some fundraising so I gave the page the same name as our walk group.  Why Grape Jelly on Pizza?  One night my son went into the refrigerator, took out the grape jelly and smeared it all over his pizza.  Wondering what he'd do next..he ate it and LIKED it!  Children with autism usually aren't good eaters but my son loves food.

While running the FB page, I found out that many other parents felt and thought how I did....the best information about ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) comes from other parents.  So, like everything else in life, evolution took place.  The page is now an on-line support group with over 3,100 readers.  I am no longer interested in using it for fundraising but for sharing experiences with our ASD kiddos. 

Last year I decided to blog.  Now, I'm not a writer;  I'm a mom.  I don't have a degree in writing, if I didn't have out and punctuation can get out of control.  Some days I have lots to say, other times I can't find the words.  BUT I keep trying.  Last year I entered the WEGO Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge and failed because time got away from me.  I'm back for another go.  It's a personal challenge for me.  The daily prompts make me think outside the box and lets face it, that is what we do for our kids all the time. 

On the FB page and blog, I do share information about my son but also want to hear from all of the readers.  We get to know each other and become friends.  Guest Bloggers are also welcome.  Some days can get out of control and you need to keep a positive outlook to keep going, my thoughts anyway. 

I strongly believe that by sharing your ASD child's progress, you are giving others hope. 


  1. I like you already. First - I too am a mom not a writer and Thank the Lord and Stars above for spell check. Im usually ok with the punctuation although parentheses can get out of hand with me.
    2nd - shit what was I gonna say? oh ya - I loved that you said "back for another go" - it reminds me of british people which remind me of Harry Potter (Im not nuts but its late and Ive had a lot of coffee). Anyway - it isn't just the phrase you chose to use - it is that you are having another go - not giving up - trying again. Isn't that what its all about - I mean life. Keep trying.
    3rd - you recognize the value of knowing other parents with children with the same chronic illness (not that Autism is an illness but I also hate the word condition) My kids (2 out 3) have Type 1 diabetes - that is a chronic illness.
    Anyway - Im thankful for HAWMC since I meet new bloggers - Best of luck this year. FYI - last year I missed a couple days and made them up later. It isn't like you are tapped out if you miss a day. Cheers.

    1. I'll be checking out your blog Christina. Thanks for the encouraging words!!