Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Learning to Tie Shoes with Loopeez

Not sure about you but Velcro shoes are a MUST in our household or at least they were.  Velcro is so simple and easy when you need to run out the door especially when the kids were younger. 

Every 6 months, my son's Occupational Therapist goes over his self help goals.  For YEARS we have skipped over tying shoes because of Velcro.  He turned 9 this year and we realized it was time to teach him how to tie shoes.  Sounds easy...right?  I asked parents on GJOP how they taught their children how to tie and was told about the Loopeez Facebook page.  This was the first time I have ever heard of Loopeez. 

During his therapy sessions, he could make the first tie successfully but when it came to making the loops, it was very difficult for him to hold both loops and tie at the same time without it falling apart.  We took Loopeez into his therapy session and it happened!! This is where Loopeez was PERFECT for him! 

He's making the first tie.

He's putting the Loopeez on
 and making his two loops.
He has made his two loops and is
 now tying the shoe independently.

He did it!!!

Bottom line is we are very happy with how this product assists him with making the loops.  Next time he's ready for new sneakers....we're getting tie shoes for sure! 
Check out Loopeez on-line for your set.  

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  1. Awesome! James's OT taught us to make a knot and then loop the two ends back through to make the bows and then tighten. When James is in a adventurous mood we try this. Most days I tie the shoes for him.