Monday, February 4, 2013

From One Young Man to the Next

I received an e-mail from a local mom who wanted to know if my son would like a K'Nex set.  Of course he would!  My boy loves K'Nex.  She went on to tell me that her son, who would be entering high school next year, is ready to part with some of his prized sets.  This made me a bit anxious.  I mean, my boy loves K'Nex to make his own creations would he be able to handle an intricate motorized one?  You never know until you try. 

So, we planned on meeting on a Saturday at our local autism organization, ARCH of the Lehigh Valley.  He woke up, came down stairs and said, "I want to go somewhere."  I asked him if he wanted a new K'Nex set and he said, "YES!"  I told him a boy named D wanted to give him his set that he had when he was little and this went totally over his head.  Eventually, he got dressed.  Shorts and t-shirt...the perfect attire when it is 19 degrees outside...don't you think? 

On our way to the meeting, he kept asking about K'Nex and hubby and I kept reminding him that he needed to be patient and say thank you.  We pulled into the parking lot.  His excitement was obvious.  Hand flapping, tip toeing that eventually changed into running.  "No running in the parking lot," I reminded him.  He grabbed my arm and started hopping to the door.

Walking through the doors, I spotted the mom and D.  My boy didn't meet him before so he went into the deep crowd of people. I Lost sight of him for a bit but eventually he came back and I introduced him to D.  Possibly a bit hesitant, D gathered the box and with a big smile, handed it over to my son.  He extended his hands to finally hold the box, looked at the picture and said, "Wow.  Thank you."  At this point, it really felt like a moment from Toy Story 3; the handing down of a treasured toy, a young man with Aspergers to a boy with Autism.  Hubby encouraged our boy to shake D's hand.  Without hesitation, his little hand was extended to D's hand.  They shook, both with big smiles on their faces.  This brought a tear to my eye.  Someday my boy will be going to high school.  He will be as big as D. 

We immediately went home to build his new K'Nex big boy set.  It was the best Saturday in a long time. 
His First Motorized K'Nex Set from D


  1. I hope someday James will be able to follow in "D's" steps. Are home is a little overrun with James's obsessions!!

    1. This boy felt it was time, I guess. I hope my son will follow in his footsteps and pay it forward!