Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In His Own Time

On Sunday night at 9:45 I hear, "My homework!  I'll be in trouble!"


"My homework.  I have to do my homework."

This from a boy, who for years, has fought me tooth and nail to complete any type of worksheet.  I have gone as far as to dangle a Hershey Kiss in front of him in order to have him draw a line from 'C' to a 'cow' to complete homework.

During the last IEP meeting, the homework subject was approached.  Not by me but the Director of Special Education.  She asked if he was given any homework and I said no because it was so  difficult for me to get him to do it.  You could tell the educators in the room didn't like that answer so they all devised a dastardly plan on how to make life at home more difficult......I mean, devised a plan on how to get him to want to complete homework. 

They brainstormed.  I listened and thought been there, done that.  Eventually everyone reached an agreement.  Now to try it.

Friday after school, I opened the backpack and there it was.  Homework.  On a Friday?  He flat-out refused.  I put it away.

Back to Sunday night at 9:45.  "My homework.  I have to do my homework."

I took out the worksheets and he said, "Get out mom."

OK.  Nice.  I'll leave.  I sat in the other room and couldn't believe what I heard next.

He read. 

I'll say that again......  HE READ OUT LOUD!!!  He read 2 sentences OUT LOUD!

Then about 5 minutes later he announced that he was 'all done' and went back to his iPad.  I checked his work and it was all correct.  "Good job completing your homework Buddy."

Then he said, "Thanks Mom." 

thought he could read but whenever we approach him, he refused to even look at a book.  His teacher told us he could and now we know he can.  My boy can read!  He can.  He can do anything and he will do everything HE wants to do in his own time. 

I'll keep the Hershey Kisses for myself.  Maybe they will motivate me to get working on this house again........


  1. Yay!!! That is fantastic progress! <3 There is nothing like watching our kiddos grow and do things we didn't think they would do for some time. I love surprises like that.

    1. He is my little stinker. I was so excited when I heard him reading it was hard to contain myself!!

  2. So cool! I laughed at the "get out" comment", my son orders us out of his room on a regular basis.

  3. Such great news!!! One thing I think we call can say is that our kiddos have taught us to appreciate and celebrate every moment, big or small. This is awesome progress for your boy!!!
    P.s...Will you share your chocolate? ;)

  4. That is AMAZING!!!! WOOHOOO - doing a happy dance with you (and hoping you send some hershey kisses my way)

    1. Total happy dance!! I'll send over Hershey Kisses....absolutely!

  5. okay...but how the hell did they get him to WANT to do homework???

    1. That was the part when they were brainstorming and I was like, yeah right. He doesn't work for stickers or stamps at home but for some reason, he really, really needs and wants them at school. So, he'll start the worksheet at school, then they send it home for him to finish it. After he returns it the following day, he gets to pick out the sticker or stamp he wants on the sheet. It's that simple. If only it worked for us at home!! Part of it has to be maturity. Even last year this would've never happened.