Friday, November 2, 2012

No Explanations Needed

Ever notice that sometimes certain words don't need to be said when it comes to autism parents? 

Sandy has shown her wrath on the East Coast.  Hubby went on a search for coffee on Tuesday morning...a difficult search.  He ended up at a local super market who was serving coffee and bagels and such...nothing hot.  Anyway, in order to get coffee, you had to stand in one line to pay then go to another line to pick up.  Sounds good so far, right? 

Well, the first line was a 30 minute wait and the second line was about 40 minutes.  Sucks now correct?  Still with me?  While he was in the second line he noticed a boy and his mom.  No big deal.  But the boy was rocking, flapping and holding his ears shut.  Many, many other people would think to stay away (autism awareness people) so my hubby stood behind them, looked at the woman and said, "He's doing well."  That was all it took.

It's an understanding in the autism community isn't it?  We don't have to take people all the way back to the diagnosis story, or even explain what is happening, processing, therapies, etc.  We don't need any of that.  There is an understanding.  She started talking with my hubby about her son and how well he was doing and handling all the power outages and changes in his routine.  She appreciated the fact that someone got it.  She didn't ask about how he knew or if he a parent.  The word autism didn't even come up in the conversation.  Just a part of life. 

No explanations needed.


  1. <3
    I have found myself on the ground many times as the result of a long line! You are definitely not alone!
    Dysfunctional Dose

  2. I loved reading this post because it just shows how important support is. Sometimes, we really may have no idea what a person is going through on any given day. Taking the time to just recognize someone's achievements (however small or big they are) can positively affect the rest of their day (week...okay month). Way to go.

    Jennifer Lingle,
    President and Founder of
    the International Autism Association for Families and Educators

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