Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Desperately Holding On

Time for beach (6:23am).  More beach.  My beautiful beach.  More waves.  Here they come!  Jump.  Jump higher.  Wow.  I'm swimming.  Have to throw sand.  Look, a seashell.

Time for rides.  Another ride.  More rides please.  SPACE SHIP.  More tickets.  Can I go again? 

Games please.  Can I have a ball?  Claw machine.  Need more money Dad.  Get tickets.  Again.  More money.  Play again?

I'm hungry.  Pizza.  Cotton candy, the blue one.  Onion fries.  Popcorn over there.  Corn dogs.  Another corn dog please.  Brown soda.

 Swimming pool please.  Time to swim.  Goggles.  Where are my goggles?  Water is cold.  Ssooo cold.  Need to swim. 

No home.  Stay at beach.  Want to STAY HERE.  I don't want to go home.  PLEASE.....

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