Friday, July 27, 2012

The House with 10 Windows

It was a Thursday afternoon.  Our appointment was for 1pm.  My husband and I walk up the carpeted staircase in an old building downtown.  We were the first to arrive so we sank down into the leather seats to wait for the rest to join us.  Soon our Realtor arrived along with the sellers and their Realtor.  Soon we were escorted into the meeting room with everyone gathering around the table.  Making small talk with the seller was a bit awkward.  You could tell she loved her kitchen.  I assured her it would be used often and taken care of.  I told her that our son loved to cook.  She smiled.  Then a huge stack of papers were presented and pens distributed.  Surprisingly enough, I was at ease.  No stomach jitters.  I looked at my husband and we smiled at each other. 

After signing most of the stack of papers the most important one was at hand....the deed.  The seller signed off on the house with tears in her eyes.  Then it was our turn.  My husband went first.  As he signed he told the seller that her house was already sold before she put it on the market.  She looked at us with a puzzled expression.  We started to share.

We made the decision in April that it was time to purchase a new home.  We had 2 things that we were looking for.  The first was a new school district and second was a large, flat backyard.  You would think that would be an easy thing but it proved to be more difficult that we thought.

After doing research and calling several school districts we decided on one that we felt would be the best fit for our son's needs and also great for our daughter.  That narrowed the search.  We started Sunday drives to narrow the search even more.  We were constantly checking on Zillow and the paper for houses to drive by. 

Often, we would just drive around the area to look.  One night my husband and son went on one of these drives.  My husband  told me he was on a road when my son suddenly said, "I want to go in that house.  My house.  Stop.  My house."  He took note of the house and liked it.  He then told my son that it wasn't for sale.  There was no sign out front. 

I was able to go look at houses with our Realtor while the kids were at school and hubby was at work and eventually narrowed it down to 2.   On a Tuesday afternoon our Realtor, hubby and I pulled up to house #2 to check it out.  As we were getting out of our cars, we noticed a house across the road with a sign on the front lawn.  I pointed it out to the Realtor and said I wanted to go into that one.  My husband agreed and told me that was the house our son wanted to go in, the one he called 'my house'.  Long story short....we put in an offer on Saturday and it was accepted Sunday. 

We kept asking the kids, "What kind of house do you want?"  My son always replied, "10 windows.  The house with 10 windows." 

I met the house inspector at the new house to go through it but before we started, I stood at the top of the driveway and counted the windows.  Sure enough, there were 10.  You could see 10 windows from the street.  Coincidence?  Lucky number?  You never know with him sometimes.  He truly has a sixth sense.

Later that week, I told the kids that Mommy and Daddy bought a new house then took them for a drive by and asked what they thought.  My daughter loved it and my son said, "The house with 10 windows, my house" as a matter-a-fact.

Everyone in the room couldn't believe what they were hearing.  It was followed up with "That's amazing." " Oh my gosh."  "Wow."  The seller had a huge smile on her face along with watery eyes.  She knew the house was in good hands.  It was meant to be.  


  1. What a special story!! I hope when we are in the market again, we can find such a special place! We love our house now because it is super open concept and tiles throughout (no carpeting). Good luck with your move!!