Saturday, July 14, 2012

Must've Been the Soda

Yesterday afternoon I found a lump in my left breast.  My first reaction was NOT NOW!  Summer is way too busy.  How was this possibly going to happen?  My next yearly is in September and it wasn't there last time.

When I was 27 I had a lump removed but didn't have any kids.  There were doctor appointments, mammograms, ultrasounds, meet with a surgeon 2x, then finally went to go have surgery to get the darn thing out.  Wait, wait, wait for the results all while healing.  Everything came back negative for the big 'C' thank God. 

Here we go again.  Now that I'm 40 and have 2 kids, 1 on the spectrum, summer activities, constant running around, and another school year to get ready for where oh where am I going to find the time?

 I will make the time because I want this thing out of me.  I knew something was up about 2 months ago when I noticed my left side was a bit larger than my right but couldn't feel anything.  Started to check daily but nothing.  Coffee in the morning, water all day long and wine at night, my usual.  Yesterday the kids and I stopped off at Daddy's work and had some pizza.  My son whined the whole time because he wanted to see the movie Brave, which I promised, so ordering was rushed.  I ended up drinking 1/2 of his soda...I don't drink soda.  Later that afternoon my left side felt very tender, I think do to the extra caffeine and low and behold, because of the tenderness, I found the lump.  Don't wait until October to check it now. 

The one thing parents tend to do is take care of their children before taking care of themselves.  Guilty.  So guilty on this one.  We have to be sure we are still around for them by taking care of our health also.  When the kids are sick, we do all we can to get them better asap.  For example when I have a cold, I take some meds to keep on going.  No time to lay down and sleep.  I'm sure you're with me on that one. 

No messing around with my current situation.  I'll be calling the Doctor as soon as the office opens to get in asap.  Not sure how all the appointments will be fit into the schedule but it will get done.  Not happy about another surgery to get the darn thing out but it will get done.  Recovery time?  I'll request major pain killers I guess but it will get done.  My kids and husband are worth it.  I'm worth it.


  1. I do not give you permission to have lumps or be sick..... *glares*

    1. I'll tell my Doctor you said so. Thank you.

    2. You better.... I'll kick their ass!

  2. How scary for you! I hope it is nothing and will be over soon. I certainly agree that as a mum, I don't give myself time to be sick or need any type of extra care. I have some pretty significant medical things happening in my life right now but I still have to do everything for my kids to make sure their worlds are spinning as they should. Actually, I am glad it is the summer because my husband is taking some vacation to help out. Take care of yourself and I am sending you healing thoughts.

  3. I hope its simple and quick and nothing scary (or scarier then where your at now)

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