Monday, June 11, 2012

Dinner for Two

It only took 2 years but my husband and I went out Saturday for dinner....yes...a real, sit down meal, in a grown up restaurant and we were actually able to enjoy our food without rushing or trying to entertain little people!! Of course, it wasn't that easy to get out of the house with the sitters being late, the kids begging and pleading with us to stay home but we managed to take some time to be together.

It all came about on Monday when my husband asked if I'd like to go out to dinner with him on Saturday night. Of course I would but how? His parents said they would watch the kids for us. There have been health issues with them over the last few years so it was a real treat that THEY volunteered.

Saturday night I came down the stairs in a dress. Yes.  I wore a dress, which then set off the begging and pleading and tons of questions from my daughter.   I'm usually in shorts and a t-shirt.  Why are you dressed up? Why do you have to go? Why are you leaving us? (That one got to me considering she even had tears in her eyes.) Then because he saw his sister upset, my son started frantically running around the house getting dressed. "Go with mommy." "Go with MOMMMMY!!!"  "Dad, stay here."  We told him not this time and then I got the death grip;  clinging to me forever and ever so tight.

Now, a lesson from the past, be home before the kids are getting ready for bed.  Our bedtime routine is sacred and we have learned not to mess with it.  With that being said, our dinner reservation was for 5:30pm which made our reservation seem like a late lunch but whatever.  It is now 5:15 and the kids are being very dramatic like we are leaving them and never coming back and the sitters aren't here yet.  You got it.  I'm standing at the front door and they aren't at the house yet. Then it was 5:20 and I called their phone with no answer.  5:25 my husband called and someone picked up and said they were almost here.  They pulled up at 5:35.  Missed our reservation but the restaurant said be here as soon as you can.  We pealed the kids off of me and practically ran out to the car. 

Ah, peace at last.  During our meal we were trying to remember the last time we actually had a date and it was 2 years ago that we were out together.  The food was incredible!  Like, melt in your mouth incredible.  Probably because it wasn't anywhere close to being a fast-food type of restaurant.  Or, maybe because I could actually take my time and taste it? 

We love to people watch.  I saw an older couple at a table, maybe in their mid 80's, and he was on his cell phone practically the entire meal.  Shame on him.  Then there was a set of grandparents, their daughter and husband and their daughter who maybe was 15.  Someone made a comment to the waitress about how she resembled Julia Roberts and the girl asked who that was.  Thought it was funny when the grandmother then said, you know, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?  The girl shrugged her shoulders then her mother said, Mom, that movie is inappropriate for her!  We chuckled. 

Anyway with all this excitement of getting out of the house for dinner, the people watching, the adult conversation we were back home in 1 1/2 hours.  That's how long it took for us to re-energize our parent batteries then we started missing the kids. 

I'd like to go out to dinner with my husband again, maybe this time it will be less than 2 years from now. 


  1. Seriously, you missed the kids in only 1 1/2 hours of being out?! So happy you got out. I say at least once a month you need to. It's good for the kids to see parents taking time for each other.

  2. So glad you were able to get out. We find when we go out we spend our time talking about the kids. So we often have our son do a reverse "go out" and have him eat in his room, which is his preference, and we eat downstairs with our daughter and have an adult conversation.