Thursday, May 17, 2012

"My Beautiful Mess"

Never underestimate the value of a Happy Meal toy. 

That's right, I said it.  You know those little, sometimes annoying toys, that come with your child's Happy Meal?  Well, we had a moment last night and it was all because of those toys.

It was 8:30 last night and it was time to start chilling out.  I went downstairs to the playroom and got all comfy on his 6' round crash pad.  That thing is awesome.  He decided to join me and came down the stairs.  He took a second to look around and made his announcement.  "My beautiful mess."  I said, "No way Mr.!!"  He said it again.  When you hear 'my beautiful mess' that means he is going to make a mess.  Why he thinks it beautiful?  No idea.  So he goes into the other room and brings out a bin of random toys, takes off the lid and dumps it all over the floor. 

*Side note*  When he was little and non-verbal, all of this toys were sorted into groups, then I took pictures of the groups so he could point out to me what he wanted to play with.  As he grew it became difficult to keep everything together, so when the pictures went away, so did all the grouping.

With 1 bin on the floor, he headed back into the side room and brought out a total of 3 more.  All 3 had the same ending....dumped all over the floor into a large pile.  When he sees this, his beautiful mess, you can see he gets overwhelmed or confused so I started playing with one of the monkeys from Madagascar.  He thought this was funny so he picked up Shrek.  Shrek made his way over to my monkey and kicked the monkey's butt clear over my leg.  He started laughing hysterically. 

OK.  With circles of communication starting, let's continue!!  I picked up Fiona and then Shrek kicked her butt and so on and so on.  He was laughing so much his sister decided to join in.  Before I knew it, it was 9 o'clock and time for bed.  BUT we were all getting along so we stayed up a bit longer. 

Moments like this didn't happen at all when he was younger.  Now that he is maturing, he does engage more.  So, all of those random toys you may end up throwing out over time?  Keep.  Somewhere in a bin, keep them because they are priceless when they encourage your child to communicate.  I can still hear him laughing right now.

Random Happy Meal Toys +


  1. My son likes to dump all his toys out of the bins at random. I hope I can be more positive about them. I do admire your attitude.