Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Superpower Day

If I had a Superpower it would to have the ability to morph into someone else for a day.  Why?  This way I would be able to feel what others are feeling and would know how to help them. 

With my Superpower I would choose to be my son for a day, a week or a month.  What is it like to live with autism?  Not only autism but with his autism.  If you meet one person with autism, you've only met one person with autism.  That's why it is a spectrum.  I'd want to find out what causes his anxiety at school. Why does he need to swing for hours at a time?  Why can he spin for just as long and never get dizzy?  Why does he feel the need to hide under a 50 pound bean bag chair?  Why are flickering lights fascinating?  What is it about stuffed animals that he likes so much?  Why does he need to verbal stim often and rather loudly?  Why does he love the swimming pool or taking baths so much?  Why doesn't he like writing?  Does holding a pencil hurt him?  Why does he run the other way when we try to introduce him to a new peer?  Do I talk too fast or too slow when I communicate with him? Why doesn't he mind the sound of fireworks but doesn't like it when a baby cries?  The list goes on. 

My Superpower would allow me to answer some of these questions and to experience what he does.  Then I would be able to dive deeper into his world and to have a better understanding.  Hopefully someday he'll be able to answer some of these questions for me.

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