Thursday, April 5, 2012

He's My Artwork

Yesterday started the first day of spring break for the kids.  What does this mean in our house?  Much more fighting between them and lots more planning on my part.  I was on the phone with Good Shepherd at 7:30am to leave a message with my son's swim therapist to try to get another swim session in sometime today.  She called me back by 8:30 for a 2pm session, yay!  So, the juggler that I am, ran the day through in my head.  That means, leave the house a 1:30 to get there by 2pm.  The session would be over at 2:30 then we would have to be back at Good Shepherd by 4pm for speech then OT at 4:30.  Since it was Wednesday, we'd have to drive across town to be at my daughter's karate lesson by 5:30....note, make sure I pack her Gee.  With this schedule for the day, what will we do from 2:30-4pm?  Back home?  Another store?  No way.  No more stuffed animals!  (If you are new, my son is obsessed with stuffed animals and he has hundreds.)

I packed a lunch bag with drinks, pretzels and oranges and decided we would try to go to the 'forest' as he calls it.  After swim we drive to the forest.  It was a beautiful day.  Blue skies, cool breeze and very peaceful.  The forest does bring me stress sometimes because with my son you never know if he'll like it, try to jump in the water or take off into the trees.  You never know with autism.  Something will trigger him at anytime.  We had our little picnic then he started to wander.  Both of us, are used to watching him like a hawk, which I feel is unfair to his 6 year old sister, but it's the way it is. 

He decides he wants to sit on a rock and play in the water.  Sounds OK but he usually takes things to the next level and fast.  We don't sit and watch him, we stand and are ready for action because you never know. 

Here is my little man sitting on his rock, playing in the water. 

Water is a real attraction for him.
What is fascinating about this day is the schedule was off.  There was no school, mom added a swim lesson and a trip to the forest was completely unexpected and he handled it like a champ.  Could this be maturity setting in or a good day?  We'll find out the next time it happens. 

I realize the WEGO challenge for today was to go to Flicker, find a photo you like and write about it but my children are my artwork.  This picture to me shows a little guy fascinated with water, enjoying the beautiful day with his sister and mom.  What you don't see is a boy who has classic autism.  That is in therapies most of his days.  Struggles with language and communication.  Has major sensory issues and doesn't like change.  He finished one therapy and after this picture is off to two more then will be in a waiting room for an hour to wait for his sister.