Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Future Photographer

Sometimes you don't need words.

Have you ever given your child a camera?  I was looking through my phone and saw pictures that my son took.  Here are pictures of what is important to him.

 His Angry Birds while waiting for his sister during her karate class.
 His back window.  He's so proud of all of his stickers.
 His feet and thumb. 
 His fish, Nemo, with Sponge Bob and Patrick.

 He built this, ran upstairs to grab my phone, then took the picture.
While at school for a conference, he took this.
He's squishing my head.


  1. my son is fascinated by the taking of pictures. Among the numerous shots of his feet and the couch, he has taken a few neat pics of the cat, his cars, his sister and me. I am hoping it will help him to show me his world as he sees it. And it is fun.

  2. I'm happy you let him take pictures! I am with you. I'm curious what he considers 'picture worthy'!!