Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fundraising Secret Revealed....SSHHHH

It's true....I'm going to tell you a fundraising secret.  It's what people stop me for in the middle of the grocery store, not kidding.  I'll tell you in a bit...the suspense will kill you!

First, here's my philosophy on fundraising.

You have a charity that is near and dear to your heart and you want to raise tons of cash to help.  Understandable.  Please understand that people who you ask for donations from also have their own charities that they support, so don't get all bent out of shape if they decide not to support yours. 

Whatever you do, don't let your charity take over your life!  Put a begin date and an end date.  You can fund raise all year round if you'd like but do your family/friends a favor by not harping on them constantly.  You will be known as the 'fundraiser' and not in a good way.

I am extremely fortunate to have a wonderful friend who takes it upon herself to run a Longaberger  Basket Bingo for me every year.  I do what I can but let's face it, she organizes the entire thing.  From beginning to end she is the one who gathers all the auction items, gets volunteers, picks up the bingo license, organizes the food, sets up the hall, makes and distributes fliers; the list is never ending and she does it all....for nothing in return.  She understands that extra time is almost non-existent for me and is very understanding.  She gets much support from her family and friends for this huge event and I am thankful for each and every one of them.  Especially her who is actually planning for next year already.

Awareness is important for me.  I enjoy making simple autism awareness pins and handing them out to people.  Everyone I know has one.  My hope is this simple pin will be questioned by others then it will spark a conversation about autism...which is what we want, more awareness.  Here's how I make the pins

My friend Nancy is a very wise woman.  I appreciate her advice.  She says, "If you don't ask then the answer will be no.  So, take the chance and ask, you may get a yes."  Not her exact words but you get the idea.  With that in mind, I'm about to reveal my fundraising secret......





That's my secret.  If you need to know more about wrap-around fundraisers, selling on-line, stuffed animals, and restaurants or have any other questions I will be more than happy to talk about them with you.  Please e-mail me at