Friday, April 6, 2012

Autism Haiku's from GJOP Readers

I am blessed to have so many wonderful, caring parents who are a part of Grape Jelly on Pizza.  It is a pleasure spending my time interacting with them daily.  Here are their words.

His sky full of clouds
The sun overwhelms his senses
And creates his rainbows

-Christal Barton

Autism just a word
not a definition
just a PERSON filled with LOVE

-Christina Pellak

Weird not at all
Different maybe
Autistic most definitely

-Bethanie Lerch

Like an evergreen,
in a deciduous forest,
trying to blend in.
-Karen Moran Williams

A baby is born.
becomes the light of your life.
Always in your heart.
The world just sees a baby.
You see a glimpse of heaven.
-Kellie Stafford

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