Monday, March 19, 2012

Why Do People Like Parades?

Saturday, March 18th and the crowds started coming in at 10am!  We live in a quiet neighborhood by a college.  Any given day you can look out your windows to see people walking up and down the street or alleyway but today was crazy.  It was the annual St. Patrick's Day parade.  Since it was only a block away from our home, I pretty much insisted we all go.  The kids were all for it but Daddy-O was getting anxious about it.  We were watching all the people trying to park their cars into spots that weren't really spots and saw swarms of people walking up our alley and streets to get to the parade.  He asked me, "Why do people like parades anyway?"  He was not a fan because you never know how our son is going to be. 

I'm a 'the glass is always half full' type of person.  We have to keep trying.  It is a success if we can make it through half of the parade and I was going to go with or without Daddy-O. 

We started to get ready and B was the first one waiting at the door with a blanket wrapped around his little body.  "You need a blanket to sit on," I told him so he grabbed his favorite.  Out the door we went.  B found our spot and put the blanket down then 'invited' us to sit with him.  He sat for 2 minutes then wanted to take a walk.  Now, take a walk meant find a food vendor or gadget/toy vendor.  We knew this going in and told him no stuffed animals today.  Daddy-O ended up buying him a snow cone which was just ice with no flavoring but if you bought one, the vendor gave you a green beaded necklace so it was a win-win.  Food with beads.

Back to the blanket and the parade was starting.  Division 1 was difficult because B was determined to get a stuffed animal and I swear the street vendors kept swarming around us because B would politely say, "Excuse me, Sir?" and put his little hand up like he was calling them over and darn it....they kept coming. 

B chillin' with Daddy-O
Has this ever happened to you?  During Division 2 there was a woman who, in the parade, looked at my son and said, "Hi B!  Enjoy the parade!"  Mind you, we had no idea who this woman was but she definitely knew our son.  We asked him who she was and he didn't answer, we asked his sister and each other and no one knew who she was.  Still, today, I have no idea who she is or how she knows my son.  We eventually saw a golf buddy of my husband's in the parade and my daughter's friends who were in the parade as well. 

The highlight for my kids is when they throw candy.  We ended up bringing a huge pile back and as the pile grew, his want for stuffed animals diminished....thankfully.  We made it to Division 4 then he said, "Go home" so we did.  Always try to end on a good note.

After we were home, the parade was over and the swarms of people were back this time fighting to get into their cars and out of here asap.  I saw one man pee on a neighbor's fence...not cool but that's St. Patrick's Day for you.  I brought a load of laundry upstairs and watched out the window for a bit.  Daddy-O joined me for a second and I said, "Look, look at all these people dressed in funny hats with their kids and parents.  Generations are out there enjoying this beautiful day.  Have you ever seen this many people out in the neighborhood at one time?"  He said no.  Then I said, "This is why people like parades.  Community.  Family.  Friends."  I think he got it. 

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