Monday, March 5, 2012

We're all a bit 'Weird'

Have you met a perfect person?  Ever?  I haven't.  We're all a bit weird.  Everyone has quirks!  Children with autism/aspergers are teased all the time because of their differences....when we are all different and that is what makes us special.  I'm joining in with HomeStyle Mama, Ancora impartial, One Tired Mama and Parenting with Asperger's Syndrome in sharing with you my weirdness! 

Please take a moment to share at least one of your weird tendencies or quirks and post them at the end of this blog.  A young man wants to know.  It may make him feel more 'normal'...whatever normal' is.

OK.  Here we go.

I put mustard on almost everything I eat.
I have a big nose.
I hate looking at myself in the mirror.
I wore Army fatigues for a year while in high school. The 80's man.  Thought I looked so cool with camouflage parachute pants, white t-shirt, black high tops, and an official Army jacket with my last name on it.  The same one my dad wore when he was in the Army.
Speaking of the 80's, Madonna gear....need I say more.
When I'm home I don't like to listen to the radio.  Instead I'll put in an old movie so I hear people talking. 
I memorize movies and pretend I'm part of the cast.  Beetlejuice is my #1.  Pretty in Pink is #2.
I only fold laundry if it is piping hot from the dryer.
I play with the kids and watch TV in the basement but will NEVER sleep down there.
I hear ghosts.
I don't trust anyone but my husband.
When I dream about being in a car crash I receive unexpected checks in the mail.
One time my husband and I had the same exact dream and a joint check came in the mail.
I'd rather clean toilets then do dishes.
The older I get, the more moles (or beauty marks my Mom used to tell me) I get.  YUCK!!
I love being alone or alone with the kids.
My favorite hobby is to repaint a room in the house.
I think Sponge Bob is freaking funny.

I'm sure there will be more when I publish this but that is all for now.  Please share at least one of your quirks or weirdnessess ( I like to make up words also) with us.  A young man wants to feel 'normal'.


  1. well lets see, i am afraid of the dark, i dont like windows in the bathroom. mirrors in the dark are avoided at all costs. i sometimes have to check doors and locks a couple times at night to make sure they are shut and locked. i have to have all windows covered so no one can see in, the darker the cover the better. bedroom has to be completely dark to sleep but am afraid of the dark so bathroom light stays on at all times and closet doors must be closed. thats my short list. have a ton more....

  2. My family is so weird, we have our own theme song! My towels have to be folded a certain way or I go back and re-fold them. I hate feet (except baby feet because everything about babies is too freakin cute). Listening to the National Anthem makes me stand up straighter and I get a little misty eyed. I actually enjoy learning. There is a LOT more weirdness for me and my family, but I think that's a good start. ;-)

  3. HMMMM.... anyway I left some weird facts about me over Homestyle Mama (with a side of Autism) but here are a few more. 1.) My second toe is larger than my first one. 2.) I cannot walk by a crooked painting and not straighten it. We were once inside the Vice President's house and I actually fixed a picture hanging on the wall. I thought my husband was going to kill me for touching it but it was crooked for goodness sake! 3.) I am 42 almost 43 years old and i still have a stuffed animal that I got when I was 5 years old. He is old and ugly but GOOGLY still remains in my closet! I even once wrote a blog post about him! LOL That is all I can think of right now. But see we are all weird in our own way! ~ from Sharon at Mama's Turn Now

    1. I also still have my stuffed animal I got as a kid (baby, actually)! But mine is actually in good condition! And luckily, my wife doesn't mind!

  4. I have this thing that I have done since I was a baby that my dad named 'wiggle worms' where I sort of spaz out. It usually is semi voluntary but if I resist, it gets worse. There is laughing involved which is scary because I DON'T think it is funny It's like I'm not in control....I think it is an undiagnosed neruological disorder but since it in no way hinders me,(other than make me feel like a freak) I haven't gone to a neurologist. Also caffeine makes them go away so I just make sure I have a couple of cups of coffee in the morning(like I NEED and excuse lol)

    ...also I snort when I laugh.

    ;) ~Mommy Buddy from the planet Autism

  5. Oh Oh Oh... this is Mamas's Turn Now again with a BIG ONE I FORGOT! I SNORT when i laugh! I am talking full blown piggy sound snort! It is totally not something I choose to do... it just comes out and it is LOUD! And the more I snort the more it makes me snort! (Does that make sense.) until I and doubled over in pain from laughing so hard! Boy do i get a lot of unwanted attention when i do this!LOL Oh I just snorted as I typed this! HA

  6. whenever i walk alone,i count every step i take (500 steps from my front door to pizza hut), i never walk under power lines if there are birds sitting on them (i'm not afraid of birds, just their poop), and i rarely capitalize while typing (just lazy i guess) :-)

  7. Thanks for sharing im enjoying the mental image of you in the army get up. Me i cry over everything im such a sap thats probobly my biggest quirk.

  8. Let's see, I have freakishly small ears.
    One of my favorite foods is Kraft Mac'n'Cheese mixed with a can of drained tuna. (Don't dis it till you try it!:)
    Birds frequently fly into my car, but not as often as they fly into my sister's.
    Squirrels are as big as cats around here, & they freak me out. Sometimes I feel like they are watching me. lol
    I am absolutely terrified of snakes.
    If I don't put mousse or gel in my hair it frizzes out majorly. In elementary school, they would call me Bozo the clown when the hairspray didn't hold.:)
    I get tunnel vision in the grocery store. I can walk right past people I know & not even realize it.
    We're all a little weird, because everybody is different. If people make fun of you, it's just because they're insecure & need to put other people down to make themselves feel better. I'm sure you've heard that before, but it's true!:-)

    ~Cassie from Aka Super Mommy

    1. I forgot to mention that although I'm a grown woman, I get all wrapped up in the Harry Potter books or the Twilight series just as bad as any teen would.:)

    2. oh so do I i also have all the movies...well all harry potter and up to breaking dawn part 1 I also still love scooby doo, I watch cartoons with my kids and enjoy them and I still get super excited about things just like I did when I was a kid :) I still am a kid at heart really

  9. my son will only sleep with a neck pillow around his keep the vampires away. I will only sleep with the sound soother set to the ocean...and we take it on vacation! My husband has a set routine that he uses every week when he is traveling and if he deviates from it, well, that is very bad!!

  10. I have to go to sleep on my left side facing the door. I *must have at least one blanket on me to sleep even if it's blistering hot. My second toes are also longer than the first ones. One of my eyebrows is just slightly higher than the other. Birds & clowns make me excessively anxious.

  11. I have to go to sleep on my left side facing the door. I *must have at least one blanket on me to sleep even if it's blistering hot. My second toes are also longer than the first ones. One of my eyebrows is just slightly higher than the other. Birds & clowns make me excessively anxious.

  12. I have to go to sleep on my left side facing the door. I *must have at least one blanket on me to sleep even if it's blistering hot. My second toes are also longer than the first ones. One of my eyebrows is just slightly higher than the other. Birds & clowns make me excessively anxious.

    1. My second toes are also longer than my first lol

  13. I HAVE to roll over 3 times before falling asleep. EXACTLY 3 times. And right before the 3rd time I use the bathroom again. I use the bathroom before getting into bed. I lay there for a while, roll over twice, get up and pee, lie on the other side and THEN finally fall asleep.

    I've also had about a ZILLION different surgeries and diseases, but my eyesight is PERFECT at almost age 38.

  14. Im 29 years old I have 2 children, my youngest is autistic and I definitly have my weird quirks like I cannot sleep with any part of my cover hanging off the bed lol I swear it drives me nuts, I have to close any open drawers even if they're barely open it bothers me and personally i prefer grape jelly on sunny side up eggs with cheddar cheese :) everyone has weird quirks and thats a good thing cause otherwise we'd all be boring and alike...i love my weird quirks cause they make me...well, me :)

  15. I like ketchup on baked potatoes, I like cream cheese and honey on bagels, I can't wear socks to bed, I'm scared of birds, and I hate fluorescent colored clothing (the 80s traumatized me).