Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Piece of Cake" for us....

My son had to have a tooth removed this morning.  When we met with the Oral Surgeon he checked out his tooth and said about how easy it was going to be to remove it.  "Should be a piece of cake."  Sounded good to us....real easy....some gas to knock him out.  The surgeon told us to talk to him about being a Jet Pilot, so he would wear the mask.  It was a huge mask, not like the little ones you wear when you get a cavity filled.    I called my sister and asked if her husband, who is an actual Jet Pilot, could send me a picture of Uncle wearing his giant mask.  I showed my son Uncle's picture several times a day so he would be excited about it....and he sure was. 

Since it was going to be a "Piece of cake" I didn't think anything of it.  When I was young, my mom took me to an oral surgeon to get a simple baby tooth pulled.  Right before I was to be put under the nurse went over what they would be doing.  It wasn't 1 little baby tooth but it was 4 baby teeth and 4 adult molars.  I was hysterical going under and was hysterical coming out; bleeding everywhere and mad at my mom for not telling me the truth.  She has apologized several times since then!  It's ok mom, not mad anymore ;)

Anyway, when I went into recovery to retrieve my son it was a sad sight.  There was this 8 year old boy with an IV hooked up to him. He was looking still 'out of it' yet he was holding on tight to his giant sized Mario.  My heart sank.  "Piece of cake", yeah right.  No matter what, it is a horrible feeling to see your child in that state.  Then I started thinking about tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is the day when my friend takes her daughter to get a scan to see if any tumors are back.  Tomorrow is the day her life may change yet again.  Last year I had a friend who's daughter fell and experienced extreme pain so they took her to the emergency ward.  Turned out it was a rare form of cancer and she was immediately admitted into the hospital to remove it.  Flash back to many years ago when I had a friend who's 5 year old was diagnosed with Leukemia.  I used to go over some nights to play with the girls and had to watch them give their little girl her meds, hidden in chocolate pudding.  Once I was there when she was scheduled for a spinal tap the following day.  She kept pleading with her parents for her not to go.  My heart broke.  Talk about the strength these parents had to have.  I can only imagine. 

See, what we went through today was a "Piece of cake" compared to my brave friends who had to endure the diagnosis of cancer for their children then had to go through the series of chemo, spinal taps and meds.  Please, do me a favor, say a prayer for my friend who has to go through another scan tomorrow.  She needs to hear good news.  She needs a "Piece of cake" day. 

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  1. Much love and positive thoughts to your friend. She needs a lot of cake. <3

    When Max was 8, he also had to have dental surgery, and when he woke up, it was awful to see. He wasn't happy with me or the situation, and helping him through that first hour post-op was awful and traumatic. I hope recovery goes quickly and smoothly. Max refuses his pain meds, too.