Monday, March 12, 2012

My Love/Hate Relationship with YouTube

I have tried to block YouTube at least 5 times.  Each time, my electronically inclined son has figured out how to get back on.  How does an 8 year old with autism figure these things out?  No idea. 

His favorite things to look up are Mario Brothers, Angry Birds and the Annoying Orange.  Because of the Annoying Orange, he is freakishly afraid of pineapples now.  Click here for that one. 

Why I hate YouTube is because I do not appreciate the makers of the 'porn' that happens with Mario and Miss Peach or Bowser and Miss Peach.  We usually here 'the music' and yell, "Change it!  Inappropriate!"  He will then change it because he still wants to play with the iPad. 

Why I love YouTube  is because he also watches videos that kids his age made and is fascinated with them.  He has reenacted one made by a boy blowing up marshmallow peeps in the microwave many times. 

He starts with his explanation of what is going to happen.

Gets super excited about the Peeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger!!

Then I hurry up and give him the Peeps when they are at their largest size so he can watch them shrink.

Then he will taste them and say, "Yucky" then throw them away.  Same thing every time.  Yes.  It is a waste of money but the reenactments are priceless.

He has a hard time talking with his peers and prefers to walk away or leave the room so for now, I closely monitor YouTube so he can learn what kids his age talk about and what they are interested in. 

Over all I love his experiences with YouTube...BUT if you can tell me how to block it for sure, tell me please! 


  1. My aspie 6.5 yo loves YouTube. He watched Mario and annoying orange also. Right now he is obsessed with wii music videos. He watches mainly other kids play video games. I watch most of what he watches and with a few things on annoying orange most of it is rated g. My son like yours loves to reenact videos :0). Has you son ever played Smbx? Mine loves the game and the videos.

  2. I never heard to Smbx before. I'll look it up! Speaking of music videos, he has been singing 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson....I think it came from the Annoying Orange.

  3. That damned orange needs to die a quick death. I'd say slow and painful, but we would all be subjected to it's god-awful voice while it whines and cries out for saving. :p

    YouTube is awesome for the good stuff. Not a huge fan of the stuff I don't want them to see. Do you have any IT friends who can do something about that for you?

  4. My 6 year old Aspie loves You tube as well. He is always looking for baseball videos of his favorite team, so thankfully that is safe. But I remember when he was little and would look for Barney videos. There was lots of porn attached to those as well. Drove me crazy trying to monitor it!