Friday, March 16, 2012

Grocery Stores are Easy......Now

Every weekend it is routine.  We go to the grocery store together.  With our list in hand, he picks out the cart and away we go.

When he was younger, stores were impossible!  He would cry because of the lights, because the cart would stop moving, because he wanted EVERYTHING and because running in for 1 gallon of milk took way too long.  Many years of mini trips got us to this point.  Many, many mini trips but it was all worth it.

The produce department is always first.  He has picked out fruit that I have never tried before.  He wants me to buy a coconut but I have no idea how to cut the darn thing.  Fruit salad is one of his favorites to make.  Thanks to the Annoying Orange, he is freakishly afraid of pineapples.  Here he is trying to talk me into putting one in the cart for him.  We stood there for 5 minutes talking to them.  I didn't get one because he refuses to pick them up and put it in the cart all by himself.

The seafood department is filled with monsters!  Bet you didn't know that.  Monsters = Lobsters.  He loves to eat bay scallops by the handful.  Really.  He waits for them to be cool, scoops them up like he's eating popcorn and shovels them in.  On this day he chose crab legs and fish with 'slimey skin'.

Most of the time he still loves to ride in the cart.   He is getting so big this will have to end at some point.

At the end of our shopping trip he always picks out his prize for good behavior....a Kit Kat bar.  Then scarfs it down before his sister sees it.  Smart boy.


  1. We are right there with you on this very milestone :) We still take the DS for our longer trips where he will insists on riding in the cart he is getting so big now we usually take 2 carts one for him and his brother one for food. But we can do 20 minute trips pretty reasonably these days

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