Thursday, February 2, 2012


The stage was set. My daughter picked out her new favorite board game, SCRABBLE. She was determined to play and have all of us play with her, even her brother. It is one of his goals so why not? We chose to go down into the playroom where he had his stuffed animals and 6' round crash pad available if he needed them. We all sat on the floor and set up the game.  SCRABBLE got his attention right away because of all the little tiles with letters on them. Oh, how many there are!  I could tell he wanted to scoop them up and smash them onto the floor.  He went ahead and picked his tiles out then left.  My daughter started.  G R E W, good word. We all took a turn then it was his.

"Come on over and play."  


OK, we'll try again next time. As we played he would take some breaks from his crash pad and look at the letters. We asked if he wanted to make a word. No. He takes off again. He comes back over, locked knees rocking back and forth, grabbing and twisting his hair while looking at his letters and says no and leaves again. I look at his tiles and find an N and an O and place them on the floor. He comes over, points to the letters and says, "No."  Got it. He was telling us a word all the time...NO. I added it to the board. Success.


  1. I play scrabble on the iPad with my nephew who is 22 and is autistic. He likes it because he can't mess up the letters. I just found a travel scrabble game that I'm putting in my garage sale. Would your son like it? I'd be happy to give it to him. The tiles are small...about 1/4 inch square. I also have a spelling goal I wrote for one of my students a few years ago. It would work if your son does any sentence writing. Let me know and I'll dig it out.

  2. I do love playing scrabble..since i was 8 years old my mom taught me how to play it, it can enhance my memory and i can encounter new words which i would look in the dictionary if i don't know the meaning of it.

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