Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Day Off

Cough, cough. "I sick. No school bus mom." In all fairness, he did sound awful and I didn't want a repeat of November complete with emergency room visit at 4am, so he stayed home. My disclaimer was this, "If you stay home, you are going to rest all day on the couch and watch TV."   "OK mom." By 10am he was bouncing off the walls. My threats went like this, "If you don't get back on that couch. I'm driving you to school right now!" Off to the couch he went. For about 1 minute. He beat me. He got to stay home.  After lunch, which consisted of 2 BBQ sandwiches, pasta salad and a giant brownie with icing, he went to the dining room table with a box of tissues.

Left on the table from the night before was a pen, plain paper and random crayons.  He put the tissue box down and started talking to it.  Soon he had pen in hand and started to draw on the box.  "Please do not write on the tissue box," I said.  He kept doing it so I sat down and watched in silence at the end of the table.  If you interfere, he stops.  I learned that lesson. 

He starts laughing and runs to the kitchen.  He returns with blue painters tape.  Now FYI to all parents, I always have this tape on hand.  It is the absolute best tape if your kids enjoy decorating.  We tape artwork all over the walls, doors and windows.  He starts taping items to the box and shows me a happy face.  "Good" I say.  He continues his work talking all the time.

He starts laughing again and takes off for the kitchen, this time bringing back a pair of safety scissors.  He loves cutting...hair, shirts, and custom made blinds for the living room that cost over $500 to replace and that was with a 70% discount.  He starts cutting the tissue box's 'hair'.  It's sort of like a private joke sometimes with him because he is the only one who knows what he is laughing about. 

Now, the 'hair cut' is over and he starts to cut up the box.  Soon there is no more box left, just a bunch of cut pieces all over the table and he goes back into the living room to be with his angry birds.  I start to clean up the mess.

Sad and Happy
The two faces on the tissue box.
As I gather up the small pieces I see one that has the word sad on it then another that has the word happy.  I show him the pieces and ask if he wrote that.  He says yes.  He says yes to anything you ask him so that was silly on my part.  We go pick up his sister at school and when we get home I ask her if she happen to write on the grey tissue box yesterday and show her the words.  She tells me she did not write anything on the tissue box.

Could it be?  A child, when left to play and be creative on his own, wrote out sad and happy without any prompting or modeling?  YES.  There weren't any books on the table, he didn't ask me how to spell those words, he just did it.  That's my boy. 

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