Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award Goes To.....

Kreativ Blogger Award

I'm an award winner....WOW!

Rules of acceptance are:

1-  Thank the blogger who presented you with the award.
Thank you so much Bacon and Juice Boxes for this Kreativ Blogger Award.  I had no idea this was even out there!  Imagine starting out the day with Bacon and Juice Boxes with Grape Jelly on Pizza.  The thought is making me very hungry right now.  Thanks for the new friendship.

2-  Post a photo of the award.

3-  Share 10 things about yourself that your readers don't know.

1. Love springtime and watching flowers bloom.
2. My idea of exercising is walking the dog and chasing after the kids.
3. I know every single word to the movie Beetlejuice.
4. I'm a loyal friend.
5. I am 40 years old but feel much younger.
6. If my son really wants to go to a store and I don't, I tell him it's closed.
7. I'm addicted to Facebook.
8. I drink wine every night.
9. I was born with blond hair.  After kids it turned darker.  Tried to dye my hair brown but it turned out red so I'm letting it all grow out and never dying it again!  Even if I get some greys.
10. I hide chocolate from the kids and eat it when they are at school.

4-  Choose 6 people to present the award to.

The following bloggers and I have 1 thing in common; they have at least 1 child on the spectrum.

1. First and foremost my dear friend HomeStyle Mama (with a side of Autism) deserves this award.  She is funny, sweet, straight to the point, no holding her back and I love that I can talk to her with ease.  She is a down to earth Mama!  Her Facebook page has the same name HomeStyle Mama (with a side of Autism).

2. From the Facebook page We Care About Someone With Autism, my friend's blog is My Family's Experience with Autism.   She also guest blogs for many, many others and is currently working on potty training her son.  She one busy woman!

3.  The next award goes to "Mommy Buddy" from the planet Autism.  We get to hear about her adventures with her 3 children everyday on her Facebook page with the same name "Mommy Buddy" from the planet Autism and added bonus, her husband has a page also called Dad Does it Different

4.  When you are looking for new recipes, please make sure you stop by Lemon Drop.  Linda creates masterpieces with her baking.  Gluten free recipes are a must with her.  When she posts new recipes I swear I can smell them!  She is also on Pinterest.

5.  Autism Wonderland is an amazing blog.  She has worked so hard on it and it's jammed with information and wonderful stories.  She also has a Facebook page with the same name, Autism Wonderland

6.  Last but certainly not least is Our Life in Pieces.  Melissa shares stories about her handsome little man.  Along with her husband, she wrote a song called Pieces to promote autism awareness.  Please like her Facebook page with the same name, Our Life in Pieces

There are so many more blogs I would like to list!  I'll save that for another day. 


  1. THANK YOU for this lovely award! I adore your blog and am a huge fan. Stay tuned too because this week I have a new GF recipe on its way for a rich chocolate cake with fudge frosting. Hungry yet? :)

    Linda @ Lemon Drop

  2. You always make me hungry!!! You have to have the best smelling house with all the baking you do.

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  4. (wiping away the tears) Thank you so much for this award!!!! I would like to thank my children for (sniff sniff) providing the inspiration for the things that I talk about in my blog!!!

    Now to be a bit more serious, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! ;) I really do appreciate it. I love your blog as well and look forward to your posts.