Thursday, January 12, 2012

A 'Special' Day with a 'Typical' Kid

The day was perfect. The day was peaceful, easy and surprisingly perfect. A snapshot tells it all. A snapshot of a special day with a typical kid. What was it about this day that made it stand out and pops back in my head when things get difficult? 

We hoped in the car and took off on a day trip to get out of the house and away from stimming and our 'norm'.   After the 50 minute drive we ascended down to the gorge to our destination.


 "Yes, would you like to ride the train?"


 We purchased our ticket but couldn't board right away...will it happen now? The screaming then laying down in a tantrum with all to see?   No.   So we took a chance and walked through town.   He was hungry so we stopped in a pizza place to chow down. The service was  No.   We strolled back through town and entered the train.

Relaxing while Waiting
What is it about trains that our kids love? Running his hands over the red velvet seats, he finally picked out where he was to relax. Looking around he seemed to drown out all the noise and continued to look out the window. The train starts. The initial jerk of the train puts a smile on his face. Soon we were on our way. Still taking in the sights, he sinks back into the red velvet seat seemingly absorbing all the trains' movement. After a while, it's time to move the train's engine to the end of the train and head back. Still, no verbal stimming or sensory seeking.  I look around and realize no one knows his secret. We head back to where we began our afternoon journey, still with no incidents. The train jerks again but this time it's time to get off. As he steps off the train, he looks at me and says, "Thanks mama. Time to go home."   So we do.


  1. aw, that was such a sweet story...thanks for sharing it :)

  2. And, did you notice that instead of him crying this time is was you. I love those moments when they are so happy and content and all I can do is feel the happy/sadness of how much this means to me.