Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seasoned BSC Picker

It's time again to say goodbye to another Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC) Miss K.  We've had her for a few months now but hours have change and it's time to go through the process again.  What process?  The waiting, meeting, updating, pairing and changing process.  Aahhh, let me explain.

We have to wait for the phone call on who our new BSC will be.  This has to be someone who can work with our hours because there are so many activities in this household to work around.  Also, we particularly need a person who specializes in school situations because of our lovely school district.  We have also learned that the person must be young, pretty and not smelly, in a good way or the bad way.  Preferably they should have long hair and be thin.  Miss L. had long brown hair, Miss S. had long strawberry blonde hair and Miss K. had long blonde hair.  Not my standards, my son's.  He loves women. 

Then after the initial phone call, we get to meet her.  I say her because we have only had females.  I think my son would totally respond to a male and would LOVE it but there simply aren't many males who work in this field.  How exciting when a strange car pulls up in front of your house.  Usually within seconds you can tell if this new person is going to fit in with your family.  We have had great luck with this.  Our last 3 have been wonderful in their own way.  Then they walk up the walkway and in the front door.  Will he be interested in her or run away?  I try to read his body language to get a feel.

The agony of updating the new person with every single piece of information you have on your son's therapies, school, actions, reactions, ect.  He knows the routine by now.  This is the part where Mommy would give the new BSC the dirt.  He tries to stop this by getting in between us, putting his hands out to the sides and yelling, "STOP!"  I have learned to try to take them somewhere else so he doesn't overhear it. 

Fleeing Yet Again
I can't tell you how many times I have said, "He will run if you give him the chance so always hold his hand and keep your eyes on him."  He still gets away from them. 

Its funny watching the new person try to 'pair' up with him because he knows the routine so well.  Good luck tricking him.  FYI - a trip to the dollar store for 'trinkets' does not work with him.  He's a seasoned BSC picker.  I can only do so much.  Forcing him to like someone doesn't work.  They have to pull out the magic for this to work.  Hopefully it does, because the next part is where it can all fall apart.

Changing his routines and comfort levels is always a challenge.  He is a manipulator.  He knows how far he can go and when to extremely embarrass you so he gets his own way.   He sees new charts and will refuse to work.   He's not dumb...he's extremely intelligent...he has autism.  Always assume intellect.  Just hoping the new BSC sees that like Miss L., Miss S., and Miss K. did. 

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