Friday, January 6, 2012

Dear Son, Happy Birthday.

Dear Son,

Your name means smart, strong, assertive, confident and popular with all.  Your name is found in the Old Testament in First Chronicles.  Benjamin is the twelfth and youngest son of Jacob and it means Son of the right hand.  Your Dad and I were eating in a Perkins when there was this woman with four children near us.  All we heard was Benjamin, sit down.  Benjamin, eat.  Benjamin, don't hit your sister.  During that breakfast we decided Benjamin would be your name.

Standing on the Edge
We waited for you.  It took us over a year to conceive.  I think you were testing us to see if we were the patient, caring parents you needed.  We kept wanting a child...we were waiting for you. 

You were born in the middle of the day.  The sun was so bright.  Everyone was very excited to meet you.  Within minutes the family was in the delivery room and whisked you all the way over to the couch on the other side of the room.  I got nervous because I couldn't see you.  When you were only 6 hours old, you cried because you wanted me to hold you.  Only me.  You are my son.  I am your Mom.

You needed to constantly be moving and entertained.  Remember when you slept in your baby swing every single night for the first five months of your life?  I do.  I had an extra set of D batteries opened in case in the middle of the night your swing stopped working.  People thought it was strange.  I was there for you. 

Before Evaluation
I didn't know what the word 'autism' was.  I was slow to learn.  I did my best.  Maybe the oddities would go away.  Parents make mistakes.  Soon after this picture was taken you were evaluated by the CLIU.  Soon after that you started school.  We started our journey, navigating through a difficult world.  Together. 

You never cease to amaze me.  When people say you can' do.  Your progress is incredible.  You are smart.  You are strong.  You are assertive.  You are confident and most of all, you are popular with all.  People meet you once and they remember you.  I am proud to be your mom.  I love you, son. 

Happy Birthday.


My Son


  1. I'm not sure what to say... it's beautiful. Tell Benjamin Happy Birthday from us too, please.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! My son shares a January birthday too :)

    And this line - "When people say you can' do." made me cry at my cubicle.

    ~ Lisa