Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear Crossing Guard

Thank you ever so much for your take on the situation dear Crossing Guard.  Your opinion is very valuable in our current state of mind.  With your keen observation, have you not noticed that almost every day after school he doesn't want to get in the car?  It was only today you noticed?  Wow.  So, the school nurse, teacher, aide or days that the principal has escorted us to the car...you didn't see?  Only today you decide to walk closer to my car while I am trying to get him to go in, unforcefully mind you.  After he gets in you geniously ask the million dollar question.  "Why do you think he doesn't want to get in the car?  You would think he would not want to go in the school in the morning."  Again, you are ever so observant.  Genious, he doesn't want to go into the school in the morning either.  His anxiety levels are through the roof in the AM as well as the PM because of school.  As for him causing such a fuss after school?  Well, that happens when he has had an awful day at school.  When he sees me, all of his anger and frustration comes out on me because I am his safe haven.  So, knower of all, if you knew the entire situation, which you do not, maybe you would back off and be more understanding of our after school situation.  If you feel the need to report me for anything, go right ahead.  It's not like the school has no idea of what autism is..... like you.  Please share with us all your knowledge on autism.  Oh, did you even hear that word before?  If you didn't, look it up or ask me about it.  Don't judge the situation on what a typical kid may act like.  Our situation is far from typical.  Please do what you do best....take your little stop sign and help kids cross the road.  I'll worry about my son.  Thank you every so much.

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  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one fluent in sarcasm =) Uh, seriously it annoys me so much when people ask the most obvious questions about my kiddos behavior. I'm finally ordering Autism t-shirts for them =) http://autismspuzzle.blogspot.com/ (ashlie =)